About Us

At Fun with Dips. All our products are RealSimple and Good. We offer a wide variety of Savory Dips, Dessert Dips and Mixes, as well as Soup Mixes and Chili Mixes.

Our Dips and Mixes are simple to prepare, delicious, and contain the finest ingredients and ultimate taste. 

Our Savory Dips and our Dessert Dips are all Natural with No preservatives, no MSG’s and most are Gluten Free.

We also offer a great selection for our Vegetarian and Vegan friends.

Fun with Dips Philosophy is this. PEOPLE!

People want a great product that is REAL and doesn’t have any of that processed stuff you get with the other companies.

People like simplicity, so we make our products SIMPLE to prepare.

People like taste so we make our products have a consistent texture, color and taste that is the same every time and make sure that they are GOOD every-time you make them



Some of our mixes may contain, gluten, and other possible allergens. Please check product ingredients.